Ashtray 3 Pack Round Metal Ashtrays for Cigarettes Stainless Steel Ash Tray for Indoor and Outdoor 3.9in-3 Pack

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  • Durable Material: These ashtrays are made of good quality of stainless steel materials, sturdy and durable. They won’t smell like plastic ones and easily break like glass ones. The surface is smooth and shiny due to the exquisite wire drawing process. Very easy to clean, resistant to abrasion, and just look as new even when used for a period. It has a lifelong service time.
  • Multi-Purpose: This ashtray is waterproof, so it can be used indoor and outdoor. It is suitable for both smokers and non-smokers. For non-smokers, these will play a big role when you have visitors who do smoke. Moreover, it can be a small ash holder on desk or a small tray where you need it, and it is easy and convenient to storage when not in use. Suitable for patio, pool, living room, garden, bar, hotel, restaurant and so on.
  • Four Ashtrays: There are 4 ashtrays in this set, you can scatter them throughout your house, so you always have one nearby, don’t need to bother yourself walking around and looking for them. You can place them wherever you need. ※Please do not hold the ashtray directly with your hand when there are hot ash and cigarette butts in the ashtray, in case of scalding. If your table surface is not resistant to high temperatures, please place a coaster or placemat under the ashtray when using it.
  • Suitable Size: This ashtray has a diameter of 3.9in/10cm, can hold cigarette ash, cigar ash and pipe tobacco ash. With a height of 1.2in / 3cm, it can keep the ash and cigarette butts inside when there is wind. These metal ashtrays are lightweight and portable, not as heavy as glass or ceramic ones, and they are thick enough to stand on tabletop, will not skate around or scratch your table surface.
  • Considerate Design: This ashtray is open designed with three U-shape grooves. You can place your cigarette in the groove if you need a break or have something at hand. There are three grooves so you can smoke and relax with your friends together when there is a party. ※The groove size is not suitable for a cigar.
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