Desk Organizer Pen Holder Mesh Desk Supplies Multifunctional Pen Organizer for Desk Office

DUOFIRE Desk Organizer Pen Holder Mesh Desk Supplies Multifunctional Pen Organizer for Desk Office Supplies with 6 Compartments and 1 Drawer for Office Home School Workshop (Silver)
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Size : Multi-Compartments
Color : Silver
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About this item

  • Metal Material Desk Organizer: The office drawer organizer is made of durable metal material, anti-cracking and not easy to deform, sturdy and can be used for a long time. Coated with eco-friendly black epoxy, it is odorless and won't fade. Two sticky notes are as gifts.
  • Desk Organizers And Accessories: This is a great storage container for kinds of tools on your desk. It helps to keep your desk organized and tidy. No more mess up by misplacing and scattering around. And it provides a handy access for the tools you need, convenient and practical.
  • Multi-Functional Desk Organizer: There are six compartments and one sliding drawer in this multi-function pen holder; our desk organizer can store various desktop items of different types and sizes, such as paper, pens, rulers, solid glue, scissors, post-it notes, tapes, notebooks, cards and so on, all of these can be stored orderly.
  • Space-Saving Desk Organizer: This mesh pen holder save a lot of desktop space, keep your desktop clean and neat. It also save your time for finding the tools everywhere, just keep your little desktop items in the right place and you will get rid of the hassle of cleaning your desktop over and over again.
  • Considerate Design Of Desk Organizer: There is a small sliding drawer at the lower left for you to store some easy-to-lose and small desktop items like paper clips or small binder clips. It is overall metal mesh constructed, ventilated and easy to clean.

    Product Description

    This practical and sturdy multi-functional metal mesh pencil caddy can help you organize your desktop and keep it orderly and tidy. The desk organizer also gives a handy access for the tools you need. The thoughtful compartment design can solve your various desktop storage needs which make it an essential desk accessory.


    Brand DUOFIRE
    Color silver, black
    Material High temperature paint steel
    Size 22 x 14 x 13 cm / 8.7 x 5.5 x 4.9 In
    Function Oganize your desktop, keep it orderly and tidy.
    Used for Store various office & school supplies of different types and sizes, such as paper, pens, pencils, rulers, solid glue, letters, memos, highlighters, tacks, keys, vouchers, scissors, post-it notes, remote controls, tapes, notebooks, clips, documents, cards and so on.

    Desk Organizer Pen Holder Mesh Constructed

    Metal mesh constructed, sturdy and compact, not easy to deform, has a long service time.

    Smooth edges and surface

    Our desktop organizer with galvanic surface, wear-resistant and not faded, is perfect for your home, office and school. Smooth edges protect your desk from scratches and avoid hurt your hands

    Desk Organizer Pen Holder with Pads

    Non-slip bottom pads can keep it in place on your desktop without sliding around or scratching the desktop.


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