Small Containers with Lids 24 Packs Plastic Box Clear Small Storage Containers Bead Organizer for Beads, Crafts, Jewelry.

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Size : Set C: 2.5x2.5x0.8in
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About this item

  • Sufficient Quantity: There are 24 packs of small containers with lids of each set, enough quality for your storage needs of small items. You can even sort and store different small things with so many small plastic containers with lids. Come with two sheets of label stickers.
  • Container Material: These clear small containers with lids are made of good quality polypropylene materials, non-toxic and odorless; the edges and corners are smooth and seamlessly, not fragile, not easy to break, sturdy and wear-resistant, can be used for a long time.
  • Various Sizes of Bead Organizer: There are eight sets of different sizes of clear small storage containers with lids to choose from, different size for different purpose. Lightweight and portable, easy to carry. Please carefully read and confirm the size and detail information before purchase. Size of the bead organizer boxes in this set: 3.5x3.5x1.8cm / 1.38x1.38x0.7in (L x W x H).
  • Widely Used Small Plastic Containers with lids: These small storage containers are necessary for daily life, they are perfect for organizing tiny and small things like beads, seeds, buds, crafts, coins, ear studs, jewelry, nail arts, rhinestones, small tackles, cards and many other small items; Also can be applied as hardware boxes and parts packaging display boxes.
  • Convenient to use: These small plastic containers boxes come with press-top lids, easy and convenient to open and close. Get all of your tiny items organized with those small containers with lids, and keep everything tidy. It is easy to know the contents in the transparent bead organizer boxes and quick to find what you need.

    Product Description

    DuofireSmall Plastic Containers with Lids Small Storage Containers Bead Organizer

    • There are 8 sets of different sizes of small plastic containers with lids to choose from.These small plastic containers will keep your desk clean and tidy.
    • These small storage containers are nice compact little organizers that are easy to pack and take with you. Great for headphones, jewelry, beads and other small items that you want to keep organized.
    • These small storage containers don't take up much room and fit into a bag, purse or pocket better than a pill bottle. Perfect for packing vitamins/meds when you’re traveling.
    • These small plastic containers with lids are sturdy, nice size and have a good closure. You can use them for crafts, jewelry and small item display.
    • These are great storage containers bead organizer, good amount of room.

    Multiple Uses of Small Storage Containers

    Our small plastic containers with lids are great for organizing small items, beads, earings, pills, seeds, candy, coins, jewelry and keys.

    Good Quality Bead Organizer

    Our bead organizer are made of good quality polypropylene materials, which is firm and sturdy.Smooth round edge to avoid getting hurt.

    Transparent Design

    You can clearly see the contents of the transparent container box.Easy to find your items.

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