Rectangular heavy duty tablecloth with autumn leaves on beige background

Vinyl Tablecloth Beige Background Autumn Leaves Rectangle Heavy Weight Table Cover Wipe Clean Waterproof
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Size : 54 x 78.7 Inch
Color : Autumn Leaves
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About this item

  • Multiple Purposes: This table cloth is perfect for indoor/outdoor use, like parties, holidays, celebration, wedding, picnics, catering, cafes, special occasions, dinners, brunches, potlucks, BBQ's, buffets, and more.
  • Easy Care: When the tablecloth surface is stained, we recommend to use a damp cloth to wipe the surface. If needed, you may dab the cloth in diluted soap water or mild detergent to gently wipe off stains. Tablecloths are not suitable for washing, do not dry cleaning. Do not iron.
  • As A Gift: Tablecloths are suitable for any dinning table setting whether casual or formal. This table cloth can be given as a gift to family and friends.
  • High Quality Material: 100% PVC, grade A vinyl heavy weight tablecloth, Eco-friendly material, superior quality. Please insure this size of tablecloth match your demand.
  • Protection Of The Table Cloth: This table cover offers a complete 100% waterproof, oil, coffee, tea and other spills proof protection for your table.

    Product Description

    Why You Should Choose Us

    • Premium fabric is resistant to stains, wrinkles and waterproof
    • Chic & Elegant, suitable for any occasion
    • Spills will not bleed through the fabric
    • Flawless hemmed edges and stitching
    • Heavy & Not slippery, stays in place once set

    Duofiretable cloth


    Our tablecloths are made from premium quality Vinyl PVC which not only give you a superior heavy & durability but also provide the convenience of being stain & waterproof that your dining events require.

    Multiple Application Table Cover

    This premium table cloth is perfect for everyday use, party, holidays, catering, cafes, special occasions, dinners, brunches, potlucks, BBQ's, buffets, baby showers, indoor and outdoor use, weddings and more.

    Easy Care

    Duofiretable cloth is easy to clean. When there is water/tea/coffee or stain on the tablecloth, just use the damp cloth to wipe the surface. If needed, you may dab the cloth in diluted soap water or mild detergent to wipe off stains.

    More Beautiful Patterns to Choose from

    Inject some colorful style into your dining table using this Duofiretable cloth.

    High quality material used that not only easy to clean but it totally waterproof.



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