Placemats for Dining Table

Placemats for Dining Table with Coasters Washable Vinyl Placemats PVC Dinner Table Mats Easy to Clean Non Slip Placemats for Holidays (Flower: Light Gold-Set of 4)
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Size : Set of 4-with coasters
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About this item

  • ●These solid vinyl placemats are made of high-quality materials, it has a distinctive and refined taste, ultra thick and durable, give you a comfortable feeling.【Product Dimension】 44 x 30 cm/17.3 x 11.8 inches【Package include】4pcs placemats and 4pcs coasters.
  • 【Convenient And Durable】Placemats are made of high quality and environmental Vinyl materials, not faded, designed to last for years with daily use. Washable, non-stain, wipe clean, non-slip, wear proof. There is a transparent protective film on the placemat, which can be retained or removed.
  • 【Elegant and Stylish Design】Plaid pattern or flower pattern or single colors design etc., Exquisite, elegant, modern and personalized, each are carefully designed. Placemat protects your table from scratches and stains, good decoration to improve your life quality. Placemats are perfect for special occasions (Christmas, Easter Day , Mother's Day , Independence Day, Parties and so on) and daily use.
  • 【Precautions】 In order not to affect the service life and apperance of the placemats, we do not recommend to place heated food or plates with hot food directly on the table mat. High temperature may cause warp. If you need to place high temperature items on the placemat, please use it with a hot mat.
  • 【Hand-cut】All placemats are hand-cut and there might be a little error in size. This will not affect daily use. These placemats are rolled up when delivered, and they will be flat again after being placed for several days. We suggest to put some heavy objects on them for sooner and better results.

    Product Description

    Welcome to DUOFIRE!

    DUOFIRE provides you with high quality products which are manufactured with the upmost attention to quality, detail and value. This exquisite

    placemat is a great decoration for your dining table. It protects your table and brings you a delight dining experience.

    Elegant and stylish designed, durable quality. Suitable for daily use and festival occasions.

    Stylish and Functional:

    -Table placemats help protect tables from stains and scratches.

    PVC material is durable, does not absorb water, non-oil-absorbing ,washable ,so it is easy to rinse with water and dry quickly, easy to clean.The placemat can be cut to whatever size you need. also can help u avoid desktop scratches.modern placemats easily decorate and renew your table.


    More than just a placemat for kitchen!

    - Both indoors and outdoors Suitable for, but not limited to,restaurants,cafes,desks,living rooms,coffee tables,etc.Even you can use it in the drawer of the table ,also can be placed under plates, cups,tableware,vases and ashtrays. as decorations to your dining tables and tea tables.

    Great Gift:

    - Great gift idea for all occasions,Christmas,Wedding,Fathers Day,Mothers Day,Valentines,Thanksgiving. place mat is great hostess gifts. As a solid table placemat, parties accessories snacks place mats, cabinet glasses mat, or refrigerator shelves mats are also ok. It is a great gift for mother’s day or father’s day.

    Natural color and perfect texture.

    Focus on detail of product, every piece of placemats have past at least 3 times of QC testing in order to offer you the most quality placemats set.

    Home, hotel and business offices, conference tables, kitchen tables.

    Attractive on wood table, and use this when eat altogether during the dinner, BBQ and so on.

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