Stained Glass Window Film Privacy Window Films

Stained Glass Window Film Privacy Window Films Decorative Window Coverings Static Cling No Glue D95011 (11.8in. x 78.7in.) 30cm x 200cm
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About this item

  • Decorative Window Privacy Film: This window film provide privacy and let lights in. Green and Grey Geometric patterns decorate your glass surfaces and make it a real stained glass look. This window film brings you a decorated, bright and private place.
  • Static Window Covering: This static cling window film is reusable and removable, it won't leave any residue on your windows. Water is needed with the installation. Please refer to the pictures and instruction for detailed installation steps. Tips: Before Installtion, make sure the window surface has been cleaned thoroughly, and remember to remove the transparent protection film on the back of the window film.
  • Practical Window Film: This vinyl window film has no glue, it is suitable for glass and smooth surfaces in kitchen, bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Office, Hotels, Classroom, Lobby, etc., resists direct sunlight and control heat, reduces glares and fading of interior furnishings.
  • Long Lasting Quality--Made by premium vinyl material which has been designed to withstand heat and steam for long lasting quality. At least work for 5 years.
  • Warm Note: Please Make sure window surface is completely clean and absolutely free of any blemishes, and tear off the outside protection film before you post the privacy window film on the smooth surface. Easy to cut into any size to meet your special demands.

    Product Description

    Geometric pattern design, it can provide good privacy for you.Renovate your living space with the minimum amount of work and cost.

    This green geometric pattern is really pretty for the home décor. You will love to have a DIY with it to decorate your kitchen, living room,bedroom, and front doors etc. Let’s go to dress up you windows!

    Privacy Level :5-Star

    Totally Reusable, Fantastic Eco Choice No Residue left on the glass at all, you can re position it and reuse it after years, ideal for rental places.

    Reusable window cling privacy film

    The decorative window film is different from window stickers.There is no glue on the glass privacy film, so you do not worry about any residue. Also, you can remove the glass privacy film becasue it is reusable instead of disposable.

    Partially translucent frosted window film for glass

    The frosted glass window film brings a unique style in your house.Add color to your life with translucent color and green geometric patterns on the waterproof window film. This window tinting film for home is a great choice for glass in cabinets,bookcases,floor-to-ceiling windows,laundry rooms,etc.

    Light weight

    The window clings for glass windows differ from traditional heavy curtains and blinds.You can choose to cover only part of your windows. Easy to install.The non-adhesive frosted glass film offer privacy function while allowing light to enter your house through it.

    Use Steps:
    Step 01. Keep Window or Glass clean
    Step 02. Wet the Window or Glass with water(Soapy water will be the best choice)
    Step 03. Remove from backing protect sheet(which is a kind of clear vinyl, please MAKE SURE remove it before you apply the window film to glass)
    Step 04. Apply to wet glass and smooth with hands
    Step 05. Squeegee away water and air bubbles.

    Seller Tips:
    1. The adhesive effect of the film may not be good in winter. Solution: before application, use hair dryer to make it soft( heat resistance is under 176°F)
    2. Fit for smooth surface without any dust or fiber.
    3. Do not apply to outside window or windows with cracks.
    4. More efficient in teamwork.
    5. Affix tape on both sides to remove the window film from backing film.

    *Only Applies on Smooth Glass Surfaces*

    Key Notice For Window Film:

    1. If you want to remove it, simply peel the window film from any corner. It comes off cleanly without leaving residue

    2. When not in use, the film must be replaced and stored on the original backing paper. The side of the film that touched the glass should face the glossy side of the backing paper

    3. Our film does not apply to carved, over frosted or irregular glass

    Window Privacy Film DP040 Privacy Window Film White Flower-DP014W Blackout Window Film DT-C009 Decorative Window Film DF87-Y055 Decorative Window Film DP003-1 Natural Frosted Glass Film S001
    Size 17.4 x 78.7 inch 17.4 x 78.7 inch 17.4 x 78.7 inch 17.7 x 78.7 inch 17.7 x 78.7 inch 17.7 x 78.7 inch
    Privacy Level 5-Star 5-Star 5-Star 4-Star 4-Star 5-Star
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